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SLNMA Objectives are:

· Facilitate the development of different levels of nursing and Midwifery training curriculums relevant to the changing trends of community health needs and professional performance.

· Develop and enforce the application of professional standards and quality control measures by monitoring, midwives/nurses, and nurse/midwife training institutions and other health disciplines working in partnership with the nurses.

· Advocate for the rights of the student midwife/nurse, staff midwife/ nurse, midwife/nurse educators and managers to ensure that they are protected and their needs are met by employing institutions, gov’t and training institutions.

· Design, implement and evaluate in-service-training and on-going education programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to respond to transient changing health needs and professional updating requirements.

· To advocate for midwives and nurses in areas of decent employment, reasonable wages and good working environment


· To link midwifes and nurses to agencies offering higher education/trainings, and short seminars and workshops

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