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About us

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About us

The Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association was established in November 2004. The mandate of the Association is to act as both the professional organization and a representative for the nurses and midwives by protecting, developing, and building their capacity in order for them to deliver quality healthcare services.

The Association has developed its 2 strategic plans since its registration (2006-09 and later on 2010 to 2015), much of which has been achieved (implemented.) The Association has successfully raised the profile of nursing and midwifery in the country; has developed a database of all the nurses and midwives who qualified from midwifery and nursing institutes both in Somaliland and in Mogadishu; has facilitated CPD training for nurses and midwives and has promoted improved professional standards and practice.  Membership of the Association has dramatically, risen from (209)in 2006 to (3600) in 2012.

Some of the Association’s activities are funded by DFID through THET. In addition, the Association has received grants from UNFPA, UNICEF and PSI for CPD training programmes.

SLNMA works closely with other health partners including the Ministry of Health, other professional bodies, training institutions and health service providers. The Association joined hands with the Somaliland Medical Association to support the formation of the National Health Professions Council, and then work with them to input into the revision of the Health professions regulation Act (HPC).

Project Title:  Sustainably addressing maternal and neonatal health in Somaliland through the innovative use of educational films to support training, continued development and e-learning for nurses and midwifes.


The Mission of the SLNMA is to: represent Nurses and Midwifes in Somaliland and advance their education, build their capacity and ensure they offer quality care.


The vision of SLNMA is: to be the national leading voice and advocate for the nursing and Midwifery Professions in Somaliland



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